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Concierge Services

Concierge Service

Customer service and satisfaction is our main goal!  And who wants to battle our traffic? Whether you are too busy to get out of the office, have transportation challenges, desire a higher level of privacy or wish for exceptional personal service, Hears To You has you covered. Hears To You strives for quality care to provide you with personal visits, in the comfort of our Mobile Clinic at your doorstep for comprehensive hearing aid evaluations and more.

We go above and beyond the a traditional hearing aid sales environment. After your hearing exam, diagnosis, selection and custom fitting of your hearing devices, we provide excellent follow-up care to ensure you are reaching your communication goals to help you live a more fulfilling and independent life.

The Hears To You Experience

Hears To You understands that dealing with hearing loss can often be an emotional and confusing journey. Our compassionate Doctor of Audiology can guide you through all of the necessary phases right at your doorstep, to help you feel comfortable, informed and educated from the very first meeting.

These professional services include:

Hearing Tests 
Aural Rehabilitation
Hearing Conservation
Top Brand Hearing Aids
Custom Ear molds
Blue-Tooth Wireless Solutions
On-going maintenance
Connection to television systems and amplified phones
Education and counseling for you and your family
Hearing Clinics
Hearing solutions throughout your local community theaters, courtrooms, libraries
Consulting services for schools, nursing homes and healthcare professionals

A Priceless Investment

When you think of personal concierge services, it’s normal to envision that executive staff seated behind the concierge desk at high-priced hotels and to assume the same investment would be true of Hears To You. You will be pleasantly surprised to learn that our upscale level of service is the same, but the price is not.

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