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Hearing Aids

Hearing Aid Evaluation

Hears To You provides state of the art testing of your hearing, in a sound booth, within the Mobile Clinic.  Your hearing levels, as well as your understanding of speech, is evaluated to help us determine which technology best suits your needs and lifestyle. The results are reviewed and we will then discuss the best treatment options.  You can trust our experienced, ethical, and honest Audiologists to do what's best for you, not blindly offer the most costly option.

Do I need a Test?

Are others complaining of having to repeat themselves?

Do you feel your spouse mumbles?

Is the TV too loud for others?

If you have diabetes, high blood pressure, or balance issues, you should have your hearing tested, as these are health conditions that may co-exist with hearing loss. The younger you are when you start getting rehabilitative hearing treatment, the better you can keep your hearing health and your brain active. Use it or Lose it! There are links between untreated hearing loss and dementia, and memory loss, as the brain may change, shrink and lose abilities when you're not stimulating your hearing!

Phonak Hearing Aid

Hearing Aid Sales & Fitting

RECHAREABLE hearing aids are here!  No more batteries to change!!!!

We use advanced sound processing technology from industry leading manufacturers like Phonak™, Unitron™, Oticon™, Siemens™, and more. Our instruments are custom-fitted using digital verification technology to ensure optimal fitting. We use state of the art equipment with technology including Live speech Mapping and other Real Ear testing to ensure the most accurate hearing aid prescription for your best hearing performance.  

Hearing Aid Repairs

We can repair your hearing devices right in our Mobile Clinic, offering same-day repairs for minor repairs and cleanings. If necessary, we can send your instruments to the factory for service, and conveniently bring them back to you. You don't have to travel anywhere; just have us come right to your neighborhood in Austin. No one is more fast, efficient, or hassle-free.


We work with the the best hearing aid compnaies in the world. Here are the links for more information:

Phonak  https://www.phonak.com/us/en.html

Oticon   http://www.oticon.com/

Starkey  http://www.starkey.com/

Unitron  http://unitron.com/content/unitron/global/en.html

ReSound http://www.resound.com/en-US

Widex      http://www.widex.com/

Siemens(Signia)  https://www.signiausa.com/

Custom Earplugs

Based in Austin, Texas, Hears To You caters to the many musicians in the area looking for custom Musician earplugs, that offer optimal hearing protection. Along with our fitting and repair services for hearing aids, we offer both custom and disposable Musician earplugs. Musician earplugs maintain the natural resonance for music but dampen the dangerous levels to help protect your hearing while you enjoy your music!